The Tao that can be told
is not the eternal Tao
The name that can be named
is not the eternal name
So we begin

Lee Style Tai Chi Devon

Lee Style Tai Chi is considered to truly adhere to the philosophical principles of Taoism with the principles of yin and yang at its core.     It is soft in style, yet equally dynamic to help generate the bodies’ internal energy known as chi, which in turn assists with maintaining a healthy mind and body.     It promotes flexibility and suppleness and with regular practice can lead to deep feelings of relaxation and calm. 

Apart from its general health benefits Tai Chi training is particularly beneficial for the following:

· As a form of movement training it improves  the bodies flexibility, posture, co-ordination and fluency of movement.
· Breathing techniques to improve mental focus and calm the mind and spirit
· Expands the inner awareness between mind and body and outer awareness to the external world
· Specific exercises to train the sensitivity and perception when engaging with others and immediate environment
· Mindfulness and being present to the moment you are in

A typical Tai Chi evening class

· Warm up exercises to generally loosen the body and joints
· Tai Chi Dance - a sequence of movements to stimulate the body’s chi
· Partner exercises - sticky hands, two hands against one
· Kaimen - an ancient form of qigong / chi kung
· Tai Chi Form - a sequence of movements to consolidate the body’s chi

Lee Style Weekend Courses

In addition to the evening classes the Taoist Cultural Arts Association (T.C.A.A) also run weekend and residential courses for those students who wish to study the arts in greater depth.  Courses cover Chinese Medicine, Kung Fu, Tai Chi Weapons and Kung Fu Weapons.   Further details can be found on the TCAA web site.  

To assist studies further there are a series of Lee Style books and manuals, which were written by the late Grand Master Chee Soo.  They provide invaluable aid and assistance to anybody learning the style and cover, the Tai Chi principles, the philosophy, maintaining a healthy diet, kung fu, and Chinese medicine.   These books are thoroughly recommended for anybody wishing to learn the style and all its aspects.

The Taoist Cultural Arts Association is a non-profit making organisation with the sole aim of promoting the Lee Style health arts.   Further details can found on the TCAA website.
The Taoist way to mental and physical health
as taught by Chee Soo
Lee Style
T'ai Chi Ch'uan